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We found some of the best chocolates to offer our guests and are consistently looking for other amazing products! These make great gifts... if they make it home.


Large crispy pretzels dipped in rich chocolate
-Peanut Butter
-Dark Chocolate
-Milk Chocolate with dark drizzle


Quality nuts mixed in velvety chocolate
-Pecan Clusters
-Cashew Clusters
-Peanut Clusters
-White Toffee Clusters

Peanut Butter Meltaways:

Creamy smooth peanut butter covered in either
milk or dark chocolate. Each bite will truly melt away in your mouth!

Creams & Jellies:

Nothing beats an assortment of these chocolates in both milk and dark chocolate. Kinds include:
-Raspberry creams & jellies
-Orange jellies
-Lemon crèmes
-Coconut crèmes
-Thin mints

Milk chocolate sea salt caramels are the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Almond bark in dark chocolate
Chocolate Creme


    • Dulce de Leche has a creamy, milky caramel surrounded by luscious milk chocolate.  The real surprise is the vanilla sea salt at the top of the truffle.  What a fantastic combination.

    • The Turtle has a creamy hand made caramel that is enhanced with a ton of pecan pieces.  The top of each truffle has inclusions of pecans.

    • Amaretto has a rich dark chocolate ganache infused with amaretto liqueur.  It is totally covered in our deep dark chocolate.

    • The Dark Chocolate Overboard is chocolate bliss.  The shimmering silver a top each truffle is mesmerizing.  The dark chocolate center is silky with deep, intense flavor.

    • Aztec Gold contains a deep dark chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon.  Shimmering gold atop this glossy dark chocolate truffle is breath-taking.

  • Bananas Foster has luscious white chocolate ganache infused with bananas, cinnamon and rum.  The hand painted geometric yellow dot design has a shimmering gold backdrop.

  • The Bacon truffle contains a smooth milk chocolate ganache center that is filled with hickory smoked bacon and enclosed with a dark chocolate truffle shell.

  • Irish Cream has a smooth milk chocolate ganache center enhanced with caramel overtones and infused with Irish Cream liqueur.

  • Grand Marnier has a milk chocolate outside with a lovely hand painted orange design.  The center is filled with a milk ganache infused with Grand Marnier liqueur.



Treat yourself to these adult flavored chocolates. Including: Amaretto, Blackberry Brandy, Irish Creme, Martini Olive, Rum & Tiramisu.

We also carry chocolate covered...

Almond Jewels, Apricot Chunks, Blueberries, Cherries, Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans, Pimento Chocolate Olive Almonds, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Carmels, Peanuts & Raisins.