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Bulk Candy:

Grab a bag and fill it with your favorite pieces of candy from yesterday and today! We offer over 50 different kinds of bulk candy including 28 flavors of Taffy.

Our Taffy Town Taffy is soft and chewy. Each kind bursts with flavor. Try unique kinds such as frosted cupcake, cotton candy, strawberry cheesecake, watermelon or banana.

Gourmet Malted Milk Balls:

Flavors including: Coffee & Creme, Mint Cookie, Peanut Butter,  Strawberry Creme, & The Ultimate (3 flavor blend; dark, milk & white chocolate).

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans:

We have 16 flavors and mixes of Jelly Bellies plus the wild and weird flavors! Grab a bag and pick out your favorite flavors!

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Novelty Candy:

Check out our shelves and shelves of novelty candy from yesterday and today. Take a walk down memory lane with Candy Cigarettes, Candy Lipstick, Licorice Pipes, Zotz, Charleston Chews and Fruit Striped Gum! The kids of today love Quick Blast, Warheads, Candy Necklaces, Toxic Waste, Airheads, Big League Chew and much, much more!
Novelty Candy Shelf